What Natural Therapy Stops Migraines?

by Casandra

I've had migraines for over twenty years and I feel like I've tried everything.

It has cost me a small fortune to try all the natural therapies that I hear about.

Is there one that works?

One that is guaranteed to work?

I have changed everything I can think of and they still persist.

I stopped drinking coffee, I stopped drinking alcohol and feel like a boring old fart now.

I've stopped eating all common migraine trigger foods - chocolate, sugar, citrus fruit .... nuts. Fermented things.

What's left?

I did not get to watch the summit but I would like to ask which natural therapy is guaranteed to stop migraines?

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by: Holly

Hi Casandra,

Thanks for the question. I don't think anyone will guarantee anything when it comes to migraines.

And the only thing I can think of off the bat is ginger. But here is the most common list:

Magnesium, one of the most common minerals in the human body, plays many important roles in our bodies.

A significant percentage of migraine sufferers are suspected to have some level of magnesium deficiency.

A few studies show that Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), when taken for 3 months, resulted in a 50% reduction of attacks in 59% of patients compared to 15% for those taking a placebo.

I have many pages on these so just search the one you are most interested in, in the Google search bar at the top the page (for this website).

CoQ10 is commonly taken now to help reduce migraines. Only small studies support this one.

Butterbur and Feverfew are both widely used to help reduce migraine frequency.

Personally I had no sucess with these either, only triptans abort my nasty migraines.

One thing that came up at the summit was ginger.

I used ginger in the winter to make a nice tea and in cooking. I also used to use it to reduce nausea.

Taking 1/8th of a teaspoon of powdered ginger was mentioned to stop an attack. I have yet to try this one. If you email me directly, I will send you some more details.

And then there is changing the diet: doing an elimination diet is helpful to pinpoint your triggers.

Actually, email me so I can see what you have already tried. Otherwise I could probably retype my whole website out again!

Wishing you a pain free day,


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