My Simple Cure For Migraines!

by Adrianne Danen
(Gold Coast QLD Australia)

I have suffered migraines for over 20 years and tried all the medicines available. I avoid red and white wine; matured cheeses (mild cheeses are ok); dark chocolate (milk and white chocolate is ok); combining orange juice with dark chocolate; MSG (all sorts) and too much salt/sodium.

I gladly share my simple cure for migraine with you which attacks the `beast` head on!

If vomiting drink 1/2 cup tonic water then wait 5 minutes. This settles the stomach.

Take two Aspro-Clear or soluble aspirin (2 x 300mg).

Take some effective laxatives. I use Laxettes extra strength senna tabs and take 3.

Take a herbal diuretic or 2 celery seed capsules with a full glass of water.

Put some Vicks under your nose or use a vicks nasal inhalant.

Have a shower and stretch all your joints especially your neck and back, then alternate hot and cold water or put your feet in a bucket of ice water if water is in short supply.

Have a teaspoon or so of honey.

It is important that all these steps, with the exception of the tonic water are followed through. Relief is obtained quickly and easily!

Have a great day!

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