Migraines from Chemical Sensitivities

by Tara

I seem to get migraines from putting gas in my car and from plastic items! Have you ever heard of that? I just started getting migraines out of the blue and me and my doctor never found any disturbing cause - thankfully.

Years later, luckily, I keep a diary, I noticed that it was right at the same time I - got a new bed, got new leather couch, new car, and most recently finally figured it out with a new fan. Yes - a fan, every time I turned it on to cool down the house, I got a migraine.

Seems I am allergic to the 21st century of plastic items.

I read that book you recommended - Breaking Out of Environmental Illness - and well it just all started to make sense. Thanks for that by the way. Now I have an idea what to do. I take more care, but I still get migraines. But I must say, I at least feel a little more in control now.

Can't avoid my allergies that cause migraines, but I can treat myself with care and know that I am not alone. Who knew a fan could cause a migraine.

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