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Come Watch the Migraine World Summit and Get Migraine Savvy

Get access to world class migraine doctors at the Migraine World Summit.

Can you image the cost of seeing thirty six experts?

Are you thinking... over $10,000 dollars?

Visiting dozens of specialists in one field would take years and costs thousands of dollars. This is an incredible opportunity to hear from dozens of leading experts in migraine. 

And the waiting. Don't forget the waiting lists, and waiting rooms. I had to wait three months to see my very first migraine specialist, and then he retired!

Then I waited four months to see a new one, and then there's that 3 month wait in between visits. It was a nightmare. Especially with the horrific side effects I had the pleasure of enduring. Not!

More recently I waited 9 months to see a Neurologist who does Botox injections with a $400 consultation price tag. That's just to see if I qualify for the injections!

Does any of this sound familiar? If you get intensely painful chronic migraines too, then you might be in a place where you feel quite desperate to find relief. The Migraine World Summit could answer those burning questions you have, and then some.

Last year, the summit became the largest ever conference for migraine patients. This year they're back with 36 brand NEW interviews where you'll discover more about… 

- The best treatments for migraines.

- What you can do when you've already tried everything.

- Secrets to finding effective natural alternatives.

- Coping with the anxiety, judgment and social stigma of chronic migraine.

- What new treatments are coming to be aware of.

- The most common hurdles that we face.

- And much more.

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Migraine is one of the world’s most common ailments yet it still remains today underdiagnosed and undertreated. Migraine is the 6th highest cause of disability worldwide when measured in years of life lost to disability, and millions of us (almost a billion) are suffering.

Come listen to the experts at The Migraine World Summit co- hosted by Carl Cincinnato, and Paula Dumas (Migraine Again), both fellow migraine sufferers.

The way I see it, this could change the way you manage your attacks ... forever! 

Carl and Paula have interviewed cutting edge experts from world class institutions, headache centers & societies from around the world for this summit.

Over 30 internationally recognized migraine experts will be sharing their knowledge, tools and experience in the annual Migraine World Summit just for us patients. But all professionals geared towards helping migraine sufferers are welcome too, of course!

This summit is your chance to improve your understanding of migraine headaches and get some answers you've been waiting for.

No Waiting Rooms At The Migraine World Summit

Attend the Migraine World Summit from the safety of your own home. No perfumes, no bright lights, no migraine triggers.

no migraine triggers at this summit!

The impacts of migraines cannot be overstated. It affects you on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As well as socially, financially and cognitively. But you already know that, because you are here reading this.

I always say that education and knowledge equals options and choices. Let this add to your education. 

At the migraine summit, you’ll get access to over 30 of the world’s leading experts, neurologists, doctors and specialists in the field of medicine, migraine, research and science.

Many of these world leading experts have waiting lists that go for months and fee’s that are beyond the affordability or insurance policies of many individuals. Carl says to:

"Skip the waiting period and get straight into the room with these experts."

Check Out The Schedule

If you are struggling to remain hopeful and in low spirits, then don't miss these amazing speakers and topics:

• Dr Peter Goadsby - Top 10 Migraine Myths to Bust

• Dr. Susan Hutchinson - Managing Hormonal Migraines Through Menopause

• Dr. Dawn Buse - Is Migraine Affecting Your Personal Life? 

• Dr. R. Allan Purdy - How to Make Sure YOU Have Migraine

• Dr Deborah Friedman - Research Pipeline & New Developing Therapies

• Professor Paul Martin - Behavioral Treatments for Migraine

• Professor Lyn Griffiths - Migraine Genetics: Unlocking a Cure for Migraines

• Dr Lawrence Newman - Best Acute Treatments You May Not Have Tried

• Dr. Andrew Charles - Recognizing and Treating the 4 Phases of Migraine (one of my favorites!)

• And another favorite with Dr. Todd Schwedt - Understanding the Hypersensitive Migraine Brain

This is just to pick a few. There will also be sessions focused on fighting chronic migraine, other types of migraine and headache, and much more.

I hope you're as excited as I am to have access to this information!

You will need to have coping strategies and a plan for pain management setup to survive chronic migraines. Until we find a cure! I believe that listening to this summit you will well and truly have ALL your bases covered.

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