Migraine Pressure Point Routine

In this migraine pressure point routine I will show you the way I have used acupressure to ease my own symptoms. Acupressure can be a viable alternative treatment for relieving migraines.

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And a good home remedy for headaches.

The pressure points listed below show you exactly where to place pressure to get the quickest migraine relief.

I would define acupressure as applying pressure with your thumbs to relieve stiffness and pain using the specific migraine pressure points.

By using the meridian points specific to migraine, your treatment will be much more successful than just palpating a painful area.

Traditional mainstream western science is slowly but surely coming around to recognize the eastern meridian system.

There are many techniques of acupressure. Some generally useful ones are: superficial rubbing, press and release method, tapping, pinching and pulling. My preferred ways are using superficial rubbing and the press and release method. I used the press and release method in my shiatsu practice for many years.

Migraine Pressure Point Methods

Superficial rubbing uses small circular motions to apply pressure in and around the center of the meridian point. The middle and index fingers are used extended or supported by the thumb to use the knuckle. The surface of the skin is only slightly pressed and each spot can be stimulated 50 – 100 times. Each circle is counted as one. This is especially good around the temples or anywhere on the face.

The press and release method applies pressure more deeply into the points and can be pressed 50 -100 times in order to release the underlying tissue.

I use my thumb, but your middle finger will also have the right results. Be careful not to use your fingernail.

Now this might be getting too technical but it is best if men start on the left side of the body first and then the right side.

Men are more Yang. Women are more Yin, and it is best if they start stimulating the migraine pressure points on the right side first and then the left.

Enough background, let’s get to the good stuff!

1. You can spend time massaging your big toe or all your toes! Make sure you rub the joints in them, the tip and along and beside the nail bed. Also press on the spongy part of the foot below the toe.

Reflexology connects the toes to the head with migraine. I personally did not get results with Reflexology for my migraines, but that doesn’t mean it won’t bring you some relief. The tip for the Japanese method here is to focus on the points beside the nail beds.

2. Pressure on Pericardium Main Meridian 5 (PC5) and 6 (PC6) which is located 2 and 3 tsun (thumb widths) above the transverse wrist crease between the tendons. PC 5 is the Jung River Point. It is Metal and clears phlegm and smooths the Chi of the heart.

It is used for mental disorders and epilepsy, to name a few, and is just what we need as migraineurs for nausea and vomiting. PC 6 is the Luo Connecting Point. It moves Chi and blood in the heart, and it is used for morning sickness and vomiting. So pressure on either one of these points will work.

Migraine Acupressure Pericardium 5
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Migraine Acupressure Small Intestine 7
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The other fingers on your hand naturally fall on the other side of the wrist at Small Intestine 7 (SI7) while you press above your wrist with your thumb. Technically SI7 is located 5 tsun proximal to the wrist on the line joining SI5 and SI8. This is also a Luo Point and is used for neck rigidity and mental disorders, just to name a few.

This will help calm you down. So press and wiggle your wrist a little and if you have the right spots your nausea will calm down, and so will your sense of panic. Yeah! Extra benefits we like! It will also help to imagine all the energy flowing towards your hands and out your finger tips.

Migraine Acupressure GB20
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3. The gall bladder meridian treats migraine headaches and the liver meridian treats occipital headaches.

Specifically, Gall Bladder points 12 and 20 are used for occipital headaches and wind headaches. They are located very close together.

GB12 is located in the depression posterior and inferior to the mastoid process and GB20 is located in the depression below the occipital bone at the top of your neck. GB12 moves external and internal wind from the head and GB20 sedates Liver Yang and Fire and clears and calms the mind.

I really like these ones as I can just press on them when I feel like it. I also use tennis balls, please see my headache migraine neck pain article for more details.

4. You can also press on any of the migraine pressure points listed in acupuncture for migraines.

Migraine Acupressure Meridian Liver 3
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I can reach the Liver Meridian point 3 between the toes quite comfortably with a pen or pencil.

Too easy!

Shown below: Spleen 6, Triple Heater 5, Colon 4 can all be reached to stimulate or press by hand.

Migraine Acupressure Meridian Spleen 6
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Migraine Acupressure Merdian Triple Heater 5
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Migraine Acupressure Point Colon 4
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Colon 4 is the most well known meridian point for headaches and migraine.

This is the point in the web of the hand between the index finger and thumb.

This point can be quite painful and may also stimulate you to have a bowel movement very quickly.

Is this too much information? Sorry – but you might as well know now before you try it and be prepared, if you know what I mean!

Other Ways to Find Relief

There are other ways to find relief. This combination works for me. Give one a try.

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Acupuncture for Migraines

What Works For You?

Please leave comments below to share your effective migraine relief secrets with other readers. Or even better share your story with us.

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