Divorced My Migraines

by Sandra

Hi Migraine Savvy,

I just wanted to tell you my 'news' regarding my migraines. Three years ago I got a divorce from my husband and low and behold the migraines just stopped.

Now I don't really know if it was because he was just horrible to me when I did have a migraine, and the stress that caused. He was lovely a good majority of the time but when I had a migraine he would come in my nice dark safe room, and swing open the curtains and yell "get out of bed, come on now, you've had enough time there" and then I would expect "come feed the kids" or something.

We have three small boys. Anyway .... I had them for so many years, over ten for sure. They were horrible and nothing I took helped except laying down in a dark room and sleeping until it went away.

Thank God for sleep, that's all I can say.

Now I am 53, and I have been migraine free for 3 years. It might be menopause ... but I am really not sure. I think I divorced my migraines.

Wish that were a cure for everyone!!!!! I would not trade being migraine free now for anything. I can play with my kids, read a book, sit in the sun, and do so many things I just could not for all those years. Oh yes, and wear perfume. I had a glass of red wine last night .... no migraine.

I got my life back. At least that's what it feels like.

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Botox Helped My Migraines

(Samantha C)

It's so tiresome to have an aching head all the time, and migraines are so debilitating. I have a mild one today.

I have found Botox to be VERY helpful in the management of chronic migraines. I have far fewer debilitating migraines. The treatment consists of 31 shots in the head, neck, shoulders. So, for about 5-10 minutes, there is some discomfort, but it's not awful. I have not found that the treatment affects my energy in anyway.

I receive the treatment every 3 months. I still have my "rescue" medication when I get a migraine. When I do get one, I can give myself an injection of Toradol. Sometimes, I get stubborn migraines and need a steroid to get beyond it. So, I am definitely not migraine free. Just better than I was.

Botox has helped my chronic daily head pain a little, however I still struggle with that part. I'm on several medications to keep the daily headaches manageable (trying to avoid all "pain" meds because, as you probably know, they all contribute to rebound headaches).

I would strongly recommend consideration of Botox to any chronic migraine sufferer.


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