Top 10 Migraine Home Remedies

Need help preventing your attacks? Try these migraine home remedies, one at a time please, and find what works for you. 

Have you had this?

Your friend has the solution for you. His girlfriend did this. My wife did that. My neighbor stopped [insert solution here].

Migraine Home Remedies That Stop Pain

I will apologize now, because I am about to do it again.

But it is important to find some migraine home remedies that you can rely on in your time of need.

Migraines and finding what works for you, you being uniquely you - can be trial and error.

And then some more trial and error.

The things listed below are tried, tested, and proven to help reduce our debilitating migraine headaches. You may already know by now that ice packs work extremely well for temporary pain relief.

You may also already know how to treat a migraine with ice and heat. This is one of my favorite pages because I think this is our best chance at stopping a migraine in its tracks. But what about all the accompanying symptoms, and what about other things if ice doesn't quite work?

What stops the pain? And fast!

Here is the list of the top ten most validated treatments for migraine home remedies to help prevent your dreaded attacks, along with my added recommendations for pain relief you can try.

I suggest keeping notes in your migraine diary so you can see as soon as possible when, and if, your patterns change.

1. Avoid All Known Food Triggers Including Your Food Sensitivities

Migraine Home Remedies

Avoid, or eliminate totally, if possible, all your known food triggers including your intolerance's and sensitivities from your diet.

This can be "easier said than done."

It is my understanding that you do not have to have a full blown allergic reaction for a food or substance to become a migraine trigger. It can just be a more subtle reaction that causes enough stimulation to over excite our (already over sensitive) nerves.

2. Try Taking A Magnesium Supplement

Magnesium is the most common mineral found to be deficient in migraineurs blood. Numerous studies have now shown positive results in pain reduction and the recommended dose is 600 mgs per day or in divided doses of 300 mgs twice per day. 1000 mgs is also quite safe, but it will depend on your bowels to tell you when you have enough.

Having diarrhea is the sign to watch for so you know have reached your bowel tolerance limit. It is best not exceed your bowel tolerance limit as it will cause further problems with dehydration which is also a common migraine trigger.

3. Try Feverfew

Feverfew is the most widely prescribed herb for reducing migraine attacks. I have to have this in my migraine home remedies for our migraine prevention kit. The active ingredient in feverfew is called parthenolide which inhibits arachidonic acid and prostaglandins that are triggered in the inflammatory process involved with migraine attacks.

100 mgs four times a day is the recommended dose. But always check doses with your naturopath or doctor who knows you best. You might like to read our article on feverfew for migraines.

4. Or Butterbur

Migraine Home Remedies Butterbur

The root extract called Butterbur is the second most common herb prescribed to help combat migraines.

It has had good results from studies and research done recently, where over half of the participants experience a reduction in pain level and frequency of occurrence.

Most studies are showing an even greater reduction closer to 70% after taking the supplement for 4 months.

The maintenance dose is 75 mgs twice per day.

I got my Butterbur at, click on the link to get my code for a discount. I have to tell you than none of the supplements helped reduce my relentless migraines. But I think they are worth trying, just in case you find a natural solution. I would much rather find migraine home remedies that work over medications. But that's just me.

5. Riboflavin – Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 aka Riboflavin, is best if taken daily for at least three months before determining its true effectiveness. Studies have had positive results for a small “sub-set of patients.”

The recommended dose is 200 mgs twice per day. And I will say once again, check with your trusted health professional or doctor before you try this, just to be sure. I have always been told to make sure I have a B-complex or multivitamin as well to keep it all balanced, to never take just a B vitamin alone. So make sure you check what the best dose for you is.

6. Co-enzyme Q10

Co-enzyme Q10 is widely used in Europe to treat migraine headaches. Again the studies and research have positive results with reduced number of attacks and less nausea. The recommended dose is 300mgs three times per day. You can always start with less and work your way up to this. Remember to keep that diary so you know if things change.

7. Experiment with Drinking Caffeine

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Caffeine is a double edged sword for us migraine sufferers.

It can be a trigger if we are regular coffee drinkers and then go off it cold turkey.

The withdrawal headaches can cause the full blown migraine attack.

Or if we are not caffeine junkies, we can have a short black to help abort an attack.

I covered this topic thoroughly on caffeine and migraine should you like to read more.

8. Biofeedback Training

Biofeedback training is highly recommended by doctors as one of the migraine home remedies to be considered. I have had no success with the temperature monitoring systems but I have really enjoyed the Wild Divine biofeedback system.

Although I found it quite challenging at first, (guess it was hard to slow my mind down) it has been effective in teaching me to relax on many different levels.  I am slowly learning to relax more and more often without the assistance of the computer program.

I find the serene graphics and the peaceful music wonderfully relaxing.

9. Learn Stress Management

Learning different stress management techniques come highly recommended as migraine home remedies. Yoga, tai chi, meditation for migraines and deep breathing exercises are all proven beneficial ways to reduce migraine occurrences.

These DVD's are great:

10. Last But Not Least, Do Exercises That Strengthen Your Neck

Last but not least, find the right exercises that strengthen your neck. Dr. Oz. says that “headache pain can come from weakness or spasms of the neck muscles.”

So this means, if you feel the pain in your back and it travels up to your lower neck and then upper neck, you can get a headache or a migraine. You may or may not be aware that your muscles are involved. He says it is really important to strengthen the right muscles. 

The trapezius muscles in your upper back might be weak and too much time on the computer will be a tell tale sign if pain sets in. Dr. Oz suggests taking analgesics first so you can exercise and strengthen the area.

Doing neck and back exercises might only take “five minutes three times a week for ten weeks to reduce the pain by more than 80 percent.” Try these easy headache migraine neck pain relief exercises, just to get you started.

What Migraine Home Remedies Work Best For Me You Ask?

Migraine Remedies Ice Packs

Laying on my ice packs and going directly to bed without passing go, works best for me.

I take a Naratriptan (lucky me) at my earliest warning signal.

I am proactive as much as possible with regular, gentle exercise.

I watch my diet, have counseling and get additional migraine support.

I do biofeedback and meditate.

All of these help me in some way to cope with this condition. My number one choices are: ice wraps, cold and heat treatment, acupuncture, meditation and gentle exercises.

What Works Best For You?

What works for you? Come over to true-life migraine relief remedies and tell me.

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