Intra-Oral Trigger Point Release

by Gail Falzon, RN
(Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)

The MyoFree Solution

The MyoFree Solution

I am a registered nurse who had a violent whiplash and head injury which led to 24/7 headaches-sometimes with horrible migraines. I lost my nursing career but went on a 10 year research journey to find the "underlying cause" of my pain. A physical therapist taught me intra-oral techniques and I experienced relief for the first time, almost immediately! It was so profound, that I invented a self-help "kit" to help others. EVERY time I get a migraine it is because of a trigger point INSIDE my mouth, so that $25 Zomig is of no use to me.

I have gained international acclaim for the MyoFree(r) Solution, have a testimonial from David G. Simons, MD (the father of Trigger Point therapy), and have been published in many peer review journals so I hope you will take my research seriously. You can see "Gail's Story" and info on why trigger points within the muscles of mastication can and do cause migraines, along with pain referral patterns, etc. Since TrPs pull on bony attachments, they will not only pull on the jaw joint but also on the eight cranial sutures in the skull which will most certainly cause horrible headaches. TrPs compress nerves and blood vessels which causes pain. It is crucial to inactivate those TrPs to relieve any compression. This is also why many people are mis-diagnosed with a facial neuralgia. will teach one all about why this is so crucial for any head, face, jaw, and neck pain related to muscle spasms. I have also had unbelievable success with tinnitus. In my latest article, you can see actual examples of the 3D animated clips on how to locate and treat a TrP inside the mouth. The article entitled, Craniofacial Pain Syndromes and Intra-Oral Trigger Points, can be found in the international journal, Science of Massage. These techniques saved my life and it is NOT just about TMJ. I can get rid of a headache and/or migraine within minutes including the accompanying nausea-no drugs!

It works! Thank you for letting us share ideas.
Yours in health, Gail Falzon, RN

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