Use Ice Packs for Migraine Relief

I would never have survived my attacks without ice packs for migraine relief. They give me instant migraine relief. The ice not only helps reduce the pain but it constricts bloods vessels that have dilated too much.

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When the pain starts to build from an impending attack, and I have failed to take action quickly, I reach for my meds and my ice pack.

I spent many a nights sleeping on bags of frozen peas that were wrapped in a tea towel before I discovered reusable ice packs at my chiropractors office.

Thank goodness they do minted peas here in Australia.

Long gone are my days of waking up on a smelly, mushy bag of unfrozen peas. I now have 2 or 3 proper blue ice packs at all times in the freezer that are designated specifically for my migraine attacks.

Do yourself a favor and get a few to keep in the freezer with your name on them. Don't share them! At least have two so when one melts too quickly, you can just transfer over to the frozen one.

I still put them in a tea towel, its much more comfortable. I also use a rolled up towel to put a curve to follow the side of my head that the pain is on.

Remember to ice both sides of your head, not just the side with pain ... the nerves cross over at the back.

I slept on hot water bottles for years until I learned this. Don't suffer needlessly ..... choose ice and see what happens!

Here are some that are also great to use and reuse over and over, and over .... for instant migraine relief.

Use Ice Packs for Migraine Relief

I suggest that you make having ice packs handy, a high priority. And act fast, take action right when you feel the first warning sign to give yourself the best chance to abort the attack.

Click on the pictures or the links below for more information on the products. I rely on my ice packs for migraine relief.

Variety Pack of Ice Packs
(3 Pack)

Features different sizes and:

  • Stays flexible when frozen!
  • Stays cold longer!
  • Non Toxic and Latex free!

Cranial Cap for Migraines
by Elasto-Gel (Small/Medium)

The Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap, models CAP600 and CAP602, are hot or cold packs designed to provide non-chemical headache relief (no aspirin, etc), and treatment of migraine headaches, hypothermia, and hyperpyrexia or heat stroke.

The cap fits the contour of the head to give heat transfer uniformly over the whole area. The gel base of the cap is covered with a four-way stretch Lycra nylon fabric to allow the cap to fit the shape of the head to be comfortable. Size: CAP600 fits Small to Medium (hat size 8 and smaller).

Cranial Cap for Migraines by Elasto-Gel (Large/X-Large)

Better than ice packs for migraine relief. The Elasto-Gel Cranial Cap, is the same as above. And both caps are designed to treat the neck area as well, since many headaches are associated with muscle tension and nerve pressure of this area. The cap may be used for chemo-therapy or as a cool down cap for athletes. Size: CAP602 fits Large or Extra Large (hat size 9 and larger).

Aquasentials Cool or Warm Gel Eye Mask /w Clear Pouch


  • Can be use cool or warm
  • Enjoy a relax spa session
  • Large coverage area
  • Clear pouch keep the mask clean at home or travel
  • Hypoallergenic

Migraine Ice Bag - Reusable

Use with ice cubes, crushed ice or cold water. Design allows bag to conform to body contours - it is reusable and economical.

Core Headache Ice Pillow

Get some relief from those nasty migraine headaches.

Set of 3 Blue Ice Packs with Covers


  • Stays flexible when frozen!
  • Stays cold longer!
  • Strong, durable and Reusable!
  • Easily conforms to the contours of your face!
  • Non Toxic and Latex free!

Sinus Eye Mask by Elasto-Gel

Perfect for sinus pain relief from sinus migraine attacks. It also works as a light shield for daytime sleeping with migraines. The mask can be used cold to constrict or hot to stimulate blood circulation.

It can be stored in the freezer to always have a flexible cold pack and yet be put directly into the microwave and heated to have a flexible instant hot pack (within 5 to 10 minutes). Please click on the links above for more information.

Ice Pack with Tie Strings - Small

Ice Pack with Tie Strings - Large

MedEx supply has some ice packs with tie strings. Sounds really useful for those of us with big heads or wanting a wrap around effect.

I've not tried these ones, so let me know your comments if you've tried them below in our Facebook comments box.

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