High Fructose Corn Syrup Migraine Trigger

by JA

I wanted to share a major migraine trigger my wife identified: High Fructose Corn Syrup.

This just about always gives her a migraine. Have you had others that noticed this as a trigger?

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Short Pain in Head

by Carol

Hello everyone,

My name is Carol and I am fairly new to this migraine stuff.

I am a school-teacher and I’ve had migraines for almost 3 years.

It all started with just a short sharp pain in my head, on the right side. Then it just got worse until I could not see clearly. Nothing I took seemed to reduce the pain. And then the vomiting came. Oh, so much vomiting.

I was diagnosed in an off-hand manner (almost dismissed) by my doctor nearly 2 years ago, but it took me until 4 months ago before I understood and began accepting the diagnosis. Between attacks I am fine, happy with life, but I struggle during, as I imagine most of us do.

I think I might still be in denial of this long term condition. I live in hope they will just go away.

I have come to the conclusion that stress is my major trigger of symptoms and crashes into an attack.

I wanted to share what I do to reduce stress now:

1. Each and every day, I practice relaxation/meditation/self-hypnosis, often with the guidance of recordings. I do this twice a day, late morning and late afternoon or early evening, for roughly 20 to 25 minutes each time.

I find this rejuvenating, and I think it not only reduces stress and gives me peace in the moment, but also is training me to be able to relax and also sleep more consciously and quickly when I need to as inevitable expected and unexpected stresses arise.

2. This may sound a bit clichéd, but during the hours or days when I’m feeling good, I notice myself feeling a sense of joy that I didn’t have when I could take feeling good for granted! When I notice this, I pay attention to it and really appreciate life.

3. I look for and pay attention to the small and larger beauty of nature. This could mean taking in the view around me at home, where I’m lucky to live in quite a beautiful place; it could mean (as now) noticing the crocuses and daffodils just beginning to bloom; it could mean enjoying watching my adolescent dog provoke my adult dog into playing and racing around in circles.

More than these three: I also am never without a novel; I exercise, which definitely reduces stress; and I write, which allows me to lose myself in my characters and their lives: great fun.

I hope this helps other sufferers cope with their migraines and stop triggers of stress. I have learned I need to make this the most important part of my day.

Bringing joy to myself brings peace and more energy to cope with the ruthlessness of the migraine attacks.

With much love,

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