Home Remedy for Migraine Attacks: My Number One Thing

This is my number one home remedy for migraine attacks that you just have to know about. It is essential to surviving each attack. Should I keep you in suspense? Or should I just out right tell you? 

Home Remedy for Migraine Attacks: Ginger

OK, I have just discovered from listening to the Migraine World Summit that ginger can stop migraine attacks as effectively as a triptan.

Did you know that?

Have you tried it to abort an attack?

My number one home remedy is ice packs but a very close second is now using ginger.

No wait! It is to be informed.

When I listened to the summit I could not believe what I did not know.

You don’t know, what you don’t know.

Read this article about how to treat a migraine to abort an attack naturally with ice. This was my old number one!

It’s a Toss Up Food or Function

For three weeks I’ve been testing out ginger. Not the powder yet, but here is what you will want to test out:

Ginger 1/8 – ½ teaspoon of powder to abort an acute attack. 

Dr. Michael Greger was interviewed on the summit and he said the dose was just as effective as abortive sumatriptan. 1 teaspoon was used in the study, but Dr. G said 1/8th teaspoon of powder. Ginger powder, or ginger root powder. So many of us have a dozen signs a day. I think it’s a million times safer than taking any medication.

The warning is that Ginger might upset your tummy – so lower the dose to ½ teaspoon. It helps the psychological anxiety that comes too. Just taking action helps me.

He also said to Google clinical trials.gov to see what’s happening to move us forward in treatment and if you want to help and do one of the trials yourself.

Function Wins - Be Informed

Home Remedy for Migraine Doctor

The highlights from the summit also mentioned Dr. Richard Lipton’s common ingredients for us migraine sufferers who take control of our migraines and get into remission.

Now I have never, ever thought of using that word for migraines. Remission! Huh.

Ya learn something new every day!

Here are a couple of Dr. Richard Lipton’s risk factors for getting worse:

  • Have more frequent and disabling migraines from ineffective medications
  • Medications overuse

Comorbid conditions like:

  • Depression – 3 times more common with migraine sufferers
  • Anxiety – 50 % people with migraine have anxiety AS A result of migraines
  • Asthma can lead to more chronic migraines
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • IBS – migraine of the gut! Similar over sensitivity to what we are eating. 
  • Other pain disorders – fibromyalgia 

Proactive and informed patients are healthier patients.

Are you aware of the effective preventatives? Both medicinal and alternative preventatives?

For over 20 years I depended on my doctor for a cure. S/he never had the information I wanted. Until I got savvy and started being more proactive.

Become an engaged and informed patient. 

You can change things for the better.

Patients who do the best are the ones who take the lifestyle changes seriously. Both patient and doctor need to do their part.


Click here now for free access to the summit.

The best way to be informed right now, I think is to listen to The Migraine World Summit when it's on.

Surfing the internet is good too, just make sure the site is a reputable one.

I only use a small number of websites like the Mayo Clinic, WebMD and other sites I trust to be accurate and true.

Books and doctors that I trust are the other source.

What is Your Home Remedy For Migraine?

What do you do to have a pain free life? What is your home remedy for migraine?

Migraine tinted lenses might be another option to consider.

I wear prescription glasses anyway, so it's no big deal. They are teal green/blue and although they have not actually reduced the number of migraines I get, they reduce glare. And reducing glare is really important if you get migraines.

You can get Theraspecs at Amazon now. Relief at your fingertips!

Home Remedy for Migraine Reference: Roizen, M. MD. and Oz, M. MD. (2008) You Being Beautiful. Harper Collins Publishers Ltd: USA.

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With this new information, what one thing can you do now to reduce your attacks?