The Easiest Exercises Ever For Headache Migraine Neck Pain

These are the three easiest exercises you will ever do for headache migraine neck pain. Please note that any movement - no matter how easy - that triggers pain is not to be continued.

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Please STOP if you feel pain. Pain can be a sign of injury and needs to be discussed with your doctor.

Assuming you just have tension to start with and not pain - just lay down on the floor with these supplies:

A rolled up towel and two tennis balls in a sock and relax onto them.

Yup – that’s how easy this is.

Try to spend at least 10 minutes in each position to allow the muscles to relax properly.

I often find that it can take my muscles up to 20 minutes to relax after a long migraine. It really depends on how often I do this. When I do it regularly my muscles relax much faster.

Step by Step Instructions

Headache Migraine Neck Pain

Here are my step by step instructions to help you even more:

The Tennis Balls

1. Put two tennis balls in an old clean sock. Tie a knot it in so the balls can’t move around, roll out or move too far apart. You need them as close together as possible.

2. Lie down on a carpeted floor if possible. A yoga mat or folded blanket will also suffice.

3. Place the two balls in the sock under your upper back and let your spine rest in the gap between the balls. Just above the shoulder blades is a nice spot.

4. Become aware of your breath. When you exhale imagine your body relaxing over the balls. Feel your back sink down and relax towards the floor. Keep breathing and being aware of your breath. Once this area feels relaxed ...

5. Move to the next spot a little lower down the back.

6. Move the balls down through the rib cage area until each area feels relaxed.

7. Then go back up to your neck. Place the balls under your neck with the spine resting between the balls. Rest and if it feels right you can roll up and down on the tennis balls by either raising your knees and rocking, or just press your heels on the ground and point and flex your ankles. Let the movement from your ankles move your whole body.

The Towel - Rolled

Headache Migraine Neck Pain Towel Rolled

Another one of my regular ‘exercises’ is to lie down on the floor with a rolled up towel under my neck to start.

Then I turn it vertically and lie on it under my spine long wise.

Be very careful here that nothing hurts. Follow the same steps as above with your breath and letting the spine relax.

Move the towel all the way down to your tail bone and then end with it horizontal across in the curve and even lower. Where ever it feels good just relax over the towel.

I find this the cheapest way for neck and back pain relief. Much cheaper than running of to the chiropractor after every migraine attack.

The Towel - Folded

It can help to improve or change your sitting position once and a while and change your sitting posture. For this I use a folded towel. Fold the towel so it is wide enough for your hips and sit on – lean forward enough - so you can feel your sitting bones making your pelvis tilt forward slightly.

This slight movement reduces strain on your upper back and neck muscles. Making it an easy neck and back pain relief ‘exercise’.

A foam wedge or a small Pilates disk is also good to sit on to get some movement in your pelvis. This is great for those days you spend too long on the computer and accidentally trigger a migraine or headache.

Stay Well Hydrated

With so many triggers and causes, it can be difficult to find headache migraine neck pain relief or to determine what exactly is causing your migraine headaches.

Muscles need water too. Water and salt actually. They both need to be balanced. Dr. Mary Psaromatis recommends on her website Muscle Pain Solutions that you stay well hydrated.

Dehydration can cause migraines and creates trigger points of pain in the muscles. Don't leave it so long it becomes chronic - seek professional attention.

If the Headache Migraine Neck Pain and Back Pain Persists - Seek Professional Attention

More Headache Migraine Neck Pain Prevention

I also find doing yoga really helpful to stretch out my sore tense neck muscles from having a lot of migraines.

These DVDs are great to watch at home, where no one can see your pain face:

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