Cayenne for Migraine

After reading another visitor comment here I thought I’d Google cayenne pepper for migraines before I tried it. It worked … I could not believe it. I found enough evidence to persuade me to try it.

Apparently there have been studies at the University of Michigan that used both spray and jelly. I couldn’t find the jelly so I just bought some spray from a professional naturopath. I decided to seek professional help as I like to be cautious. Anyway the University study said the jelly (in the ear?) was said to reduce pain by half.

I used the spray right when I felt the migraine coming on and then once during the day. The naturopath said I could try spraying once a day for 7 days or so, just on the right side where I get the migraines to see if it might also work as a preventative. What a relief, I am so happy.

I've only tried it once, so I hope it lasts. Oh - and it did not sting or burn as much as I thought it might. Not even rates as pain in my books. You know what I mean ... it was like a 2 on a migraine scale!

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