Overcoming Causes and Symptoms of Migraine: Learning Resilience

Overcoming the causes and symptoms of migraine, to conquer or defeat them. To prevail over them. To win the fight. Assuming we know what cause to fight and what actions to take to tame our symptoms. 

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After having severe chronic migraine attacks for over twenty years now, I feel that learning resilience is one thing I can share. 

As we both know, there is no cure for migraines.

The causes and symptoms of migraine can be elusive and overwhelming.

Debilitating and defeating, to say the least sometimes.

It is a lifelong condition for the majority of us sufferers and the best thing I feel that I have finally learned is to become more resilient.

I think finding effective abortive medication was the first most important step, and then over more recent years, learning new coping skills for the emotional stuff that comes with migraine disease. 

In hindsight, I have covered this throughout this website already. So here are a few key articles I think will help with learning to become resilient and if not overcome, tame down your symptoms and learn your own unique triggers and causes.

Can I Prevail Over the Causes and Symptoms of Migraine?

I can only speak for myself, but I know at times I felt I could never prevail over these migraine attacks. I had no help, no specialist, no effective medications. And for fourteen years I meditated the pain away the best I could. 

I can only share parts of my personal journey and what I have learned that works for me and from extensive research. Here is what I have written about the causes and symptoms of migraine headaches:


There have been many different scientific explanations for the causes of migraines over the years. The most recent is around cortical depression that spreads through the brain. Here are more detailed explanations:

What are migraines?

What causes migraines?

I always suggest keeping a migraine diary and printing a calendar (pdf to print out) to help keep track of your triggers.

So, it is my understanding that the combination of our internal biological dysfunctions and external over stimulation all causing a reaction to our unique migraine triggers is the main cause.


Symptoms vary between individuals. They can be different from migraine to migraine. It can be really hard to track them and make sense of what your trigger might be. I hope these help:

How to treat a migraine with ice and heat.

Ice packs for migraine relief.

• How to cope with migraine stomach nausea and become aware of how digestion problems may be affecting your migraines.

• Pre-migraine symptoms and post migraine symptoms.

Migraine prevention kit.

• Recognizing your migraine headache triggers.

Symptom tracker that you can print out to help track your recurring and/or changing symptoms.

Other important things like how to prevent migraines, learning a progressive muscle relaxation technique (migraine relaxation) or some meditation ideas might just help calm down your symptoms as well.

Causes and Symptoms of Migraine

Find Emotional Support for Your Migraines

I had such fun stamping migraines suck. My husband said, "what does that mean? Suck?" I just can't explain it. But I think the causes and symptoms of migraine suck. And it is really important if you can find a way to reduce or soothe the symptoms.

I can see clearly now that studying counseling and applied psychotherapy was one of the best things I could have done to help myself learn to become resilient.

Enduring the pain, for me, during the years that I had no effective pain relief was grueling to say the least. I would say it was soul destroying. But in another way perhaps it helped me find myself as well.

I have traveled down many pathways I probably never would have discovered had it not been for such excruciating pain. Sometimes you just have to look for the gifts in amidst all of this. And learning some of the tools to cope with everyday life, just consequently helped me deal with these migraine attacks.

First and foremost you must develop a pain management strategy. Natural or with medications, it does not matter. You must take your migraine attacks seriously enough to find what works for your body.

I was able to meditate the pain away, but then after 10 days of being in meditation, or passing out from the pain, I would have to re-enter normal life. It was challenging as you may well know.

Just to use one example, it was very hard to hold down a full time job.

Getting sufficient help around this highly stigmatized medical condition also means acknowledging the other stressful impacts migraines can have on our lives in other areas like: finances, relationships, and processing our emotions.

You might like to read our articles on these topics: marriage counseling tipsdepression warning signs, and anger management for migraines. Feel free to click on the right column for more.

Get Physical Support

Last but not least, getting physical support for reducing the causes and symptoms of migraine could mean the difference between heaven and hell. I have one friend that just stopped drinking coffee and his attacks stopped. Full stop!

If you have a certain deficiency, like magnesium, which is common with us sufferers, it might make the world of difference to your body. I always lean to natural support first and then medication. But I am not sure I would do it all again, if I had the choice! Medication works better for me than anything else.

Migraine supplements

Migraines and food section and you might like to consider a few associated conditions like: depression warning signs, migraines and gluten or celiac disease, thyroid disorders, sleep disorders, SIBO, fibromyalgia, anxiety, stress, and hypertension to see if they are contributing to the cause.

Learning new coping tools is the best strategy to help deal with the various causes and symptoms of migraine. This is a lot of reading, go ahead have a scan now and come back to what’s important to you.

I have linked everything here I can think of that might help you too. Unfortunately, as individuals, we must discover our own way to becoming migraine-free. There is no one fix-all in the area of migraine help, and sadly, there is no cure.

Each person's experience is different. Learning how to predict when an attack is coming, is vital to coping with your migraine attacks.

What Else You Can Do

Causes and Symptoms of Migraine: Learning Resilience

Ask your doctor questions until you feel you have absolute clarity on what you need to do to handle these migraine attacks. This means finding THE best way for you.

Your doctor, with a special interest in migraines, will be the very best person with answers to the causes and symptoms of migraine. 

Find understanding the way YOU learn. We all have different ways we learn: auditory, visual, kin-aesthetic, or a combination of those.

Read, listen to experts, (not your neighbor that gets the odd headache) listen to doctors and health professionals, and write it all out. Whatever helps you make sense of managing this condition.

The best thing I ever did was find a good counsellor. A qualified health professional will help you learn new coping skills and this will lead you back to your inner strength, if you feel you have lost it. S/he will listen and hear you in a way you just cannot hear yourself.

Nor can your loved ones. If people don’t get migraines themselves, they just do not understand this condition. I had to stop expecting that others knew what I was going through, and when I did, I was able to see things differently. In many ways you are on your own in this pain journey, but in many ways you are not. Reach out and ask for help if you are struggling.

This will all help you to stand back up again. The simple fact that you have read all the way to the bottom of my somewhat long winded page, means you already are determined to learn new things.

Persevere my fellow migraineur, you will find help. Here are some other ways to deal with causes and symptoms of migraine. They all help me, just pick one and get started. One small step …

What Works for Me

There are really only a few key things for each one of us that ease our pain effectively. And I mean effectively - so we can get on with our day, if possible. I tried absolutely everything and what I have found to work are the basics:

• taking a triptan at my earliest warning sign. Some of you may find it best to use prophylactic medications (migraine prevention medications

• using ice packs for migraine relief asap

• being proactive by sipping on fresh spring or filtered water all day every day to stay well hydrated, and taking supplements for migraines

• eating nutrient-rich whole foods regularly throughout the day to keep my blood sugar balanced.

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