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30th May, 2011 – Issue #003 – Medications

Welcome to Part 1c of my 6 Part series of aspects to cover for Migraine health and well being.

Physical – Emotional – Intellectual – Social – Spiritual – Financial

Editors Note: Migraine Medications are just so much more important to Migraineurs than I care to admit. I am one of those people who refused to take pills for years. I hope the information on treatment and prevention in the website and here in the e-zine about taking medication with some tips to help you find your way through the maze of drugs result in finding a reduction in both the frequency and severity of your migraines. There are so many things to consider and so little space, so let’s get started with some basics!

Part 1c - Physical – Take Your Meds

There are SO many migraine and headache medications – where do you start? Ok obvious answer – with your doctor.

From what I have gathered there seem to be medications that:

• Stop the migraine after it starts – called acute or abortive therapy.

• Attempt to prevent the migraine from occurring and reducing intensity called preventive therapy.

• Treat some of the accompanying symptoms of migraines like nausea.

Here are just a few tips for taking your medications. I have found these the most useful, and I am not sure your doctor would know to tell you these. I hope you enjoy them.

Here are just 6 important tips (see the website for more):

1. Know about the Medication you have been prescribed. Write down what your Doctor says as far as instructions go and know your treatment options.

2. Ask your Chemist or Pharmacist for a print out of your Migraine Medication, for additional information and to obtain a complete list of the possible side effects. Call your doctor if you experience any of those side effects asap.

3. One of the best things I ever did was to write the information I needed on a little pink recipe card so when I was too far gone in pain I could just read the card and I would know what to take and when. As I changed the medications, I changed the cards. I never got confused this way when the pain was too bad to concentrate.

4. Take your medications exactly as prescribed by your Doctor. The same dose - at the same time(s) every day. Do not change your medications unless you talk with your doctor first.

5. Take your prescribed abortive as early as possible. Take them at your earliest signal or symptom that a migraine is coming.

6. Try to form a routine with your medications. Write out your own Migraine Headache Treatment Plan so you can show your family and even write out what they can do to help.

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YOUR INPUT – Give YOUR Migraine A Voice

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Remember that your contribution will help others too! We are not in this alone, even though it feels like it most of the time. Our stories and input can help each other.

My Question to You

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The next issue is: Issue 4 - Part 2 – Emotional

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I hope you ENJOYED this issue of The Pain Chronicles!

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